G-Tech Dive Garage started in 2010 after having seen many divers investing and using misfit products, resulting in them not feeling as comfortable as they should have been. G-Tech Dive Garage sets out to correct that.

We have been trained with the philosophy of “less is more” where using less equipment actually aids us in achieving more.

  • More comfortable in water
  • More ease in completing task
  • More aware of environment
  • More aware of your dive buddies
  • More aware of yourself

Thus we primarily focus on selling gears that enhances divers' comfort in and out of water.

With that in mind, G-Tech Dive Garage has and will always procure brands that are in line with our philosophy.

We are proud to announce that we are the only dive store in Jakarta, or even Indonesia, that allow divers to try-before-you-buy. We truly want our customer to have the perfect fit for the gears they purchase.